Why is Groom Prep Important?

"Not only does it give you some great images, but it has an important effect on the way the rest of the day runs, It’s a great way for us to really build our repour with the groom and groomsmen,..."

I adore photographing the groom getting ready, I feel these images are so important to setting the scene for telling the story of the day, they are an amazing InSite for their other half to see how they day started. There fantastic prompts for you to use to relive the day together sharing the special moments of your day with your friends and family who were not there for that part of the day.

It’s a great way for us to really build our repour with the groom and groomsmen, to also make sure the guys are looking their best before they greet the guests arriving for the ceremony, the number of ties we have adjusted and pocket squares I’ve adjusted is endless!

For the groom it can be a great opportunity to share some time with the people in his life that mean a lot to him, we do our best to show this in these photos as they help each other get ready or fighting for the mirror to adjust their hair!

Sometimes the groom may be getting ready alone. Just because he getting ready on his own doesn’t mean that we can’t create great photos, the ones at the end are normally my favourite, every guy wants to look like they are on the cover of GQ! Or is that just me…?

I prefer shooting the later part of groom prep, if the groom is getting ready at the same location as their other half, if not this will be photographed by my second photographer.

I suggest that the guys get to the point where their trousers are on and their shirt is slightly buttoned up, and hopefully ironed! I’m not really too bothered about photographing the guys doing for the three S’s in the morning (shit, shower and shave) It allows me to focus on photographing other parts of the day, for example the venue or I can use more of my coverage time in the evening for that epic sunset photo!


From my experience, weddings where we cover the guys in the morning always help keep the groom at ease throughout the day, the report that we gain with the groomsmen help the day run a bit smother especially if we have a lot of group and family photos to get through

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