Wedding Supplier Insight Interview – JP Video Kent

"So Jack, I love to suggest to my couples about writing each other a card for each other to open in the morning, it provides an emotive moment to capture and can really put their partners nerves at bay! Can..."

Once a month I’m going to do my best to sit down with a wedding supplier who I’ve previously worked with and ask them a few questions to better understand what they do and find out if they have any tips and tricks, so hopefully you can get a little bit more out of your weddings day.

I first worked with JP a few months back at Reach Court Farm, He was a real pleasure to work with, communication and planning is so important when a Photographer and a Videographer work together, otherwise you spend the whole day stepping on each other toes quite literally!

I sat down with Jack a few days ago and we talked about how we went about shooting a wedding day, what we recommended, where we liked to work and what we think is important to capture on the day! – You can see jacks work on his Instagram!

So Jack, I love to suggest to my couples about writing each other a card for each other to open in the morning, it provides an emotive moment to capture and can really put their partners nerves at bay!

Can you suggest the single best thing a bride and groom can do or plan into their day to enhance their wedding video?

I always suggest for my guest messages videos that the bride & groom inform the best man and the maid of honour they will be needed to gather guests for their turn in the evening, doing so allows me to capture the stories and measures from the people that really mean the most to my couple.


Communication and planning is so important when working in a team. What do you believe is the most important thing to do when working along side a photographer?

To be understanding of each other and compromise, we are both there to be creative and capture the day in different ways, sometimes we work in very different ways, so its important we both take this into consideration and allow and provide each other the time and space we both need to provide our couple with the product that they have intrusted us to produce.


I agree completely, it is a little easier when you are both working at a venue you know well, I adore shooting at Lymbne castle, what’s venue do you get excited about filming at the most?

I find The Old Kent Barn my favourite place to shoot, everything runs so smoothly from the crew there, and the grounds have great variety for portrait shots.


Defiantly, I enjoy the attention to detail they provide at the start of the wedding day, their coordinators provide a great service, but there are still points in the day that can be a stressful day, how do you put your couples in such a relaxed and carefree mood to film them?

I have amazing jokes to make them laugh and relax..

Go on then, make me laugh

What do you call a fish with no eyes…


That’s terrible, bahahaha,  love it! I always use my little penknife to help cut labels out of dresses! Do you have anything in your camera bag that’s a really useful for the day, which isn’t camera related?

Snacks, can’t function without snacks, Choc Chip Brioche is my go to, I guzzle them down

I’m an Oreo man myself, I believe you can tell the story of a wedding in around 50 images What film length would you suggest that couples should ask for that gives the best results for a wedding film?

I believe from a  creative perspective 5 minutes is a good balance for highlights however I include more footage that I think the bride and groom would like to see, even if the shot isn’t to my creative standard, as after all the day is for them and them to remember.

I love photographing an emotive and personalised ceremony, If you could only film one part of the day what would it be?

I like the bride prep build up, the nerves and the fun of the waiting and preparations.


I find this really hard to do for myself, as I’m a documentary photographer,  but I like to help my couple a bit, with posing or throughout the day… Can you describe your shooting style and what your films look like in 50 words?

I’d say I capture natural, candid shots collected in a cinematic style and  in an unobtrusive way that you won’t even notice me half the time.


Thanks Jack who is from JP Video Kent for spending a moment of his time. Check out his work and website here!

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