Stevie & Mick – RowHill Grange

"We got some unbelievable light in the evening which made for some breath-taking portraits of these two stunning people! We had Swords, Tears and some massive smiles!..."

RowHill Grange

Everything Happened at Row Hill Range today, which allows my couples to really take advantage of my coverage time, rather than have me sitting in a car for hours!

I love seeing the reaction of dad’s when they get to see their daughter all dressed up, I think it pulls at my heartstrings, Stevie’s morning was full of these smiles and reactions all morning long. Once the time came, we walked down into the garden where the sun was shining, and Mick was awaiting her.

Shooting a ceremony outside really allows us to move and get a variety of angles without having to worry about blocking anyone’s view allowing us to really be unobtrusive and photojournalistic with our coverage.

After the ceremony, our bride and groom were showered with confetti, before enjoying a drinks reception on the lawn followed by a few group photos with some family members.


The wedding breakfast took place inside, but just before we were graced with the speeches, where Mick has presented a sword!! A beautiful replica of Ned Starks Sword from Game of Thrones,


Once the light had calmed a bit we headed outside to make use of that epic light before it set and it was time to get on the dance floor after carving up the cake, unfortunately, the sword wasn’t used here… health and safety get in the way of the fun…

Their Wedding in around 50 Images

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