School Prospectus Photography

Invest in great photography and allows your school to convey their distinct qualities quickly and easily. This provides a positive and lasting first impression, allowing you to stand out in a competitive market.

First Impressions Matter.

The Importance of making a strong first impression cannot be overstated, your website and prospectus is one of the first locations a prospective parents, student or staff member will visit. Having images which display the core values and your mission is vital to a captivating marketing strategy, photographs which capture your students flourishing and learning in an enjoyable and nurturing environment helps build trust and entice potential Parents students and staff.

Getting The Most
From your Photographs

While working in education for over 15 years I understand the importance of clear imagery which can be used across a variety of medias. This allows you to create a strong and consistence message at every opportunity allowing you to brand your school in the best light possible. You can see a few ways just below.

  • Prospectus

    Fantastic photographs are the corner strong of designing a prospectus, Putting in the audience the displaying the best of what your school has to offer
  • Website

    Incredible images are necessary for creating a captivating website keeping your brand identity and displaying your values in a strong and consistence way
  • Press Releases

    Having an up-to-date bank of images which represent your school in your best light is vital to responding quickly to any free marketing.
  • Large Displays

    Exhibiting inspirational photography throughout your buildings creates a visually engaging atmosphere, reminding students of the values that are key to your school
  • Social Media

    Keep your feeds fresh and modern with incredible photos which continue your branding across a variety of different platforms

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A Teachers Photo How I see it

Why Choose me?

As someone who has worked in education for over 15 years, worked as a faculty photographer and as a parent I’m uniquely educated and experienced to understand what truly makes a great image for a school.

Not only do I have the ability and knowledge in how to take great images but I also have the equipment necessary to photograph in any situation.

How to prepare for success
Three quick tips to help you achieve the best from your school's photoshoot
01. Schedule
To help ensure that we get the most from my time at your school and I represent your school in the best light we can develop a timetable. This way we can make sure you have enough variation in your images, leaving nothing forgotten about. I can shoot during lessons or I can photograph mock lessons where we stage them in preferred areas or classrooms. Eliminating timetabling issues and increasing the variety of images. Most locations will take between 20-30 minutes depending on what’s required typically practical subjects such as DT and Science can take a little longer.
02. Prepare
Inform your staff and students of your upcoming photo shoot, no one likes surprises! Another advantage in providing ample warning to your staff to prepare their classroom and highlight any issues to your site team for repair or redecoration. You will also need to designate a member of staff to accompany me on the day, having someone with a keen eye will help spot those uniform inconsistencies.
03. Consent
Once you have a list of staff and students, I suggest that consent forms are provided to all, this will help alleviate any frustrations when you receive the images back. I ask for you to inform all the students and staff that there will be photographs happening with a date, it reduces the disruptions to the day and typically provides you with better quality images.
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2023 & 2024 School Pricing

All packages include high resolution digital files and 20 Miles travel from Maidstone, Kent.


Two Hours

£ 250
  • Two Hours
  • Appropriate Editing
  • Online Gallery

Great for an event

Most Populare

Full Day

£ 750
  • Eight Hours
  • Appropriate Editing
  • Online Gallery
  • A Short Planning Session
  • Aerial Photography

Suitable for a Prospectus update

Half a Day

£ 450
  • Four Hours
  • Appropriate Editing
  • Online Gallery

Suitable for a small website update

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The Process