Michael & Kate – Bilsington Priory

"I think I’ve had the most fun in the evening at any wedding ever on this day! They had such an epic band called ‘The Indy Killers’ Anyways we got blessed with sun for this winter wedding! The ceremony was..."

Billington Priory

Kate Started at her family home in the hills of north Kent before traveling down towards Ashford for the start of the ceremony, the start of the day was very relaxed and full of smiles from all the bridesmaids who helped Kate get ready,

The ceremony had such epic light and smiles! Once it was all over, everyone traverse the stairs to head outside for a confetti shot, then back inside into the warmth for some group photos,

Before the sunset set Michael and Kate headed outside for some photos, we braved the cold for as long as we could, and we then headed back inside for a warm welcome.

The wedding speeches got the crowd going, there were so many laughs, it was a joy to photograph, we lit the marquee to give the images a good pop of brightness!

Once the formalizes and the wedding breakfast had finished it was time to cut the cake, and open up the dance floor, the band played a few amazing sets of a variety of pop songs all played with an incredible pop-punk twist, from Britney Spears to Take That!

Their Wedding in around 50 Images

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