Chris & Liz – Cooling Castle Barn

"An amazing late winter wedding in a rustic barn just outside of Cooling in Kent England, featuring epic smiles, heart pulling emotions, and some creative lighting..."

Cooling Castle Barn

Liz started her morning at Cooling Castle Barn, just the other side of the road from where she would be meeting Chris, who was finishing up getting dressed down the hall. Once our bride was all dressed and ready, we made our way down the road

As it was in the middle of February the ceremony took place inside, where it was a lot warmer, that way their guests didn’t freeze!

After the ceremony and the confetti was thrown, drinks were served inside while we had some time for the group and family photographs, once our bride and groom had warmed up, we took them outside for their portraits before the sunset.

After dinner speeches commenced, Chris has the crowd in stitches with his speech, once the laughter died down it was time to cut the cake and make our way onto the dance floor before finishing the evening with one epic creative night portrait.

Liz and Chris opted to have our photo booth for a few hours giving their guests some great entertainment and some even funnier Images!

Their Wedding in around 50 Images

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