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Keeping you up to date with some of the weddings I have photographed, tips and tricks you can implement on a wedding day, a variety of posts from suppliers and venues that I love to work with! 

Oh and enjoy my spelling mistakes, dad jokes and nerdy references…

Wedding Supplier Insight Interview – Eliza Rose – The Artisan Florist

Research your season. If you want the best flowers possible then don’t expect peonies in December or daffodils in July! It comes as a shock to most couples that certain flowers aren’t readily available all year and this can lead to disappointment. Some flowers are available to be shipped out of season but they are often not ‘ready’ to bloom, smaller in size and will not create that magazine style bouquet a lot of brides are after.

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Sarah & Sam at The Inner Temple

I adored photographing this wedding, the smiles everyone had throughout the day, the emotional exchanges during the ceremony and the energy on the dance floor helped to make it one of the best weddings I have had the pleasure of photographing!

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Wedding Supplier Insight Interview – JP Video Kent

So Jack, I love to suggest to my couples about writing each other a card for each other to open in the morning, it provides an emotive moment to capture and can really put their partners nerves at bay!

Can you suggest the single best thing a bride and groom can do or plan into their day to enhance their wedding video?

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