Caitlin and Brad’s – The Secret Garden

"An intermate early spring wedding in a walled garden just outside of Ashford in Kent England, featuring epic sunshine, amazing smiles, and some creative lighting..."

The Secret Garden

Caitlin started her morning at her dad’s house around twenty minutes from the secret garden, she was surrounded by her close family before they all travelled down towards Ashford for the ceremony. 

The ceremony took place in the secret garden’s Chapple which is a great location for an intermate ceremony out of the cold on an early spring day in March.

After the ceremony concluded they moved on to take some family photos, before enjoying their drinks reception in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

After being invited in and enjoying their food, Caitlin’s Dad started off the speeches giving everyone a lot to laugh about. Brad finished out the toasts by announcing that they were expecting a baby! Which took a lot of their guests by shock!

As the sun started to dip, we headed out for a few moments to capture some romantic portraits in the warm evening light. 

Once the sun had set the dance floor lit up, with Caitlin and Brad having their first dance before we finished up with a few creative night portraits before leaving all their family and friends to all enjoy their evening together.

Their Wedding in around 50 Images

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